The human body was made to MOVE, not to be sedentary. Our HEART is a muscle and pumps blood throughout our body. Our LUNGS supply oxygen, which fuels our MUSCLES to power movement. Exercise makes them all stronger! A stronger heart, lungs and muscles make for a more efficient and healthy body.
Some simple tips ??
✅ Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
✅ Walk to the store instead of driving that 1 mile can make a big difference.
✅ Wear an activity band and track your movement daily to hold you accountable.
✅ If you’re on the phone, walk.
✅ Stand up every 30-40 minutes.
✅ Find social events that encourage activity.
Do this for yourself and your body will thank you!
Now GET MOVING ???‍♀️????‍♀️??

We ❤️ our community.
Let’s go back to the basics of good health.

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