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The workplace plays a significant role in employee health. Employers who prioritize both mental and physical health within their companies’ cultures through health and wellness programs can provide a strong foundation for employees to thrive. Corporate health & wellness programs offer numerous benefits: higher productivity, increased work retention, reduced absenteeism and lower medical costs, to name just a few. Big picture, happy & healthy employees do great things and are more productive! People who are physically and mentally fit have the capacity and ability to give more to their families, communities and, yes, to their employers. Let us help you create a vibrant health & wellness program that your employees will LOVE!

Hi, I’m Nicole!

Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Mom of Three Boys.

Because of yoga’s all-encompassing approach to wellness, including aspects of movement, breath regulation, and meditation, yoga should be taken seriously as a means of promoting cardiovascular health. We welcome all levels & all ages as we connect, breathe and listen to our bodies. The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere by everyBODY and even sometimes while being wrestled by your children & dogs!

See you on the mat soon. X❤️x❤️, Nicole Wilt

Hi! I’m Dr. Heath Wilt.

Cardiologist + Dad who also loves to cook.

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