Yoga Classes for Kids

Nicole Wilt, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Mom of Three Boys.

Online yoga classes for kids will increase physical activity, improve cardiorespiratory, and build strong bones. From snow days to rainy days, restricting the options for playing outside, roll out your yoga mat and select from these fun family exercises.

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Reboot Yoga for Kids

After a long day at school there’s always more to do! Before hitting the homework, take a break to reset your mind + body = better focus.

Study notes: This can be done quietly at school when needed too 😉

Use a chair (perhaps sitting by your desk ✏️).

  1. Cat/cow
  2. Eagle arms
  3. Side stretch
  4. Spinal Twist
  5. Seated figure four
  6. High lunge over chair
  7. Breathe of fire

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