This makes a perfect savory side dish for almost any hearty recipe! Root vegetables are low-glycemic, high-fiber food choice that makes them perfect for nearly any diet. They provide great source of energy without minimal rise in glucose levels.
Our favorite combo is either sweet potatoes OR butternut squash, carrots, red onions, and parsnips (which are easier to find than expected). The onions provide a nice sweetness as they cook and caramelize, and parsnips balance with a slightly more astringent taste. Toss in olive oil, season, and roast at 420F until soft. For flavor options, our current favorite is Penzey’s Turkish, which is a perfect blend for the fall and winter season consisting of cumin, black pepper, paprika, and oregano. Other options include rosemary, thyme, or basil. We’ve even loved them topped with a barbecue based rub of smoked salt, hickory, and lemon peel. Feel free to experiment!

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