Grilled Clams & Shrimp with Veggie Noodles

Grilled Clams & Shrimp with Veggie Noodles

This is an easy recipe that we recently whipped up that we thought we should share.  The weather was a bit warmer, and we were up for something a bit different, so we thought we’d try some clams & shrimp tossed over veggie noodles with a lemon/white wine and garlic sauce.  

First, if you have access to fresh clams, I highly recommend you try these as the primary protein source.  Once you realize how easy they are to cook, you’ll probably be back for more!  As long as you pack on ice and keep open to air, they should stay fresh for about 48 hours, but (obviously) the sooner you cook them, the tastier and happier you’ll be! For this recipe, we also grilled some fresh shrimp for an added bonus, although this would also work if you don’t have access to the clams.

To prepare the clams, give them a good rinse, scrubbing any that needed softly.  It shouldn’t take much.  Now, for us, we cooked them over indirect heat on a grill at about 400F.  In the picture, you can see we utilized a salt block, although keeping on a baking sheet or cedar plank would also work.  You’ll want to check every two minutes, pulling them off with tongs once they’ve opened up.  IF YOU DON’T GRILL the clams, keep reading below.

For the veggie noodles, either create your own (*SEE OTHER RECIPE), or use a frozen bag of zucchini or yellow squash noodles.  Sautee the noodles over a mix of 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1/2 cup white wine, juice of a 1/2 lemon, and enough olive oil to coat.  If you like, a few halved cherry tomatoes add a rich bite. 

Toss the two together, and you’ll have a much-fancier-appearing-that-it-really-was meal in about 15 minutes.  If you opt not to grill the clams, NO WORRIES!  Sautee the clams in the wine and olive oil over medium heat, again until the clams open up, which should be about 5-8 minutes.  Remove the clams from heat, add the noodles, and replace the clams on top once you are ready to serve.   As a side, try a bit of crostini or a toasted french baguette with some herbed goat cheese.  

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