Ever have those leftovers you’re not exactly sure what to do with?  Never quite in the mood to rewarm, but not ready to throw out?  How about adding them to a breakfast egg scramble for a nice hearty breakfast?

Here, we made a quick morning meal from leftover roasted broccoli and some root veggies, adding to a skillet of egg whites.  Top with some spicy sriracha and warmed tortillas, and this was the perfect kickstart to a cold winter morning in less than 10 minutes!

-Saute 1/2 diced bell pepper and about 1/4 cup sweet onion until soft.
-if cooking with tofu, we recommend a softer or “silk” tofu added at the same time.  This will likely break down easily, but this takes on consistency of scrambled eggs.  If cooking with eggs or egg whites, add after above veggies soften, and then fold consistently as the eggs thicken.
-add 2-3 T of hummus.   Feel free to experiment with different flavors.  This provides a bit of a smoother consistency to the mix and a bit of extra flavor.
-season to your liking; we love our El Taco mix from Spiceology, but if you cook with potatoes or the mentioned leftovers, many other options might fit
-top with a bit hot sauce, if you like, and serve in tortillas warmed over the oven in a non-stick pan, or in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

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