Yoga Classes for Kids

Nicole Wilt, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Mom of Three Boys.

Online yoga classes for kids will increase physical activity, improve cardiorespiratory, and build strong bones. From snow days to rainy days, restricting the options for playing outside, roll out your yoga mat and select from these fun family exercises.


Kids' Meditation

Meditation for Kids

Meditation for Kids What if our children learned how to meditate at a young age? How AMAZING would that be! Our children today live in a world so full of constant stimulation and entertainment. Learning to sit still and breathe can help kids to calm themselves when...

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Kid's Workout Yoga

Kids Workout Yoga

Kids Workout Yoga Grab some light weights and get ready to build up a sweat while we increase our heart rate and most importantly, have FUN while working out! 1. Squats - Chair Pose2. Row - Side Stretch3. Pushups - Standing Backbend4. Bicep Curls while balancing -...

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Power Yoga For Kids

Power Yoga for Kids

Power Yoga for Kids Get stronger in this full-body class as we focus on building strength and endurance while letting our breath guide us Let’s leave our mat feeling emPOWERed! Trending...

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Valentine Yoga for Kids

Valentine’s Yoga for Kids Class

Valentine's Yoga for Kids Class Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In addition to all the Valentine’s Day boxes and Valentine’s Day cards, why not have your cutie pie try some Valentine’s Day Yoga! This themed class will get your kiddo geared up for this...

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Saturday Morning Yoga for Kids

Saturday Morning Yoga for Kids Saturday Morning Yoga is to help encourage families everywhere to enjoy their yoga together at home! Feel free to stay in your pajamas & pets are welcome too! Trending...

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Yoga for Kids

Yoga Reboot Yoga for Kids Class

Yoga Reboot Yoga for Kids Class After a long day at school there’s always more to do! Before hitting the homework, take a break to reset your mind + body = better focus. Study notes: This can be done quietly at school when needed too. Use a chair, perhaps sitting...

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Halloween Yoga for Kids

Halloween Yoga for Kids Class

Halloween Yoga for Kids We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween in our house! Colson & I thought we would have a little fun sharing a Halloween Yoga Class for you all! So put on your favorite costume, grab your yoga mat, and let’s get spooky! Trending...

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