E is for Exercise Course-Pitta Yoga Flow

First, one needs to fully understand that no body is the same! Although this is rather intuitive, we still try to accommodate our bodies into a standard workout or diet plan that is designed to fit all. You may be familiar with the conventional terms that describe the 3 basic body types: ectomorph (the slender, sinewy type), the endomorph (fuller figured, denser body), or the mesomorph (a blend of the two former). Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice that applies concepts of body types or underlying physical constitutions to optimize one’s health. In theory, this implies that certain ailments can be treated or prevented through certain dietary or lifestyle choices. When applied to conventional medicine, there could very well be a common theme. In Ayurvedic practice, body types are referred to as “doshas”. The three doshas are vata (akin to the ectomorph), pitta (mesomorph), and kapha. The purpose of this instruction is not to utilize Ayurvedic medical practice, but understand the broader scope of these terms and how it helps to individualize one’s understanding of their body type and what it might be better suited for a generalized exercise program.

Briefly, the “vata” body type, similar to the ectomorph, is a slender build more suited for longer periods of movement but less inclined for bursts of power or bulky movement. Think of the deer, who’s lean body can leap and run for long periods. The “kapha” (endomorph) type is more like the bear… it may take a bit more time to warm up but can move with bulk force and has a heavier, earthier constitution. The “pitta” (mesomorph), or tiger build, has bursts of energy but is prone to overwork and has a body type build for some longer periods of motion but also balance of force. Rather than fitting an individual into one of 3 body types, Ayurvedic principles understand that each body has a unique blend of these types. Find out what dosa type you are by taking this online quiz below. After you find out your dosa, join me on the mat for a tailored yoga class specific for your dosa!



Let’s anchor ourselves in this Vata balancing yoga flow. Think-slow, steady and grounding. Remember, we LOVE hearing from you! Be sure to share your progress & motivational pictures by using #ABCsofHealthVataExercise


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Any questions throughout this 4 week course, be sure to comment and let me know. Happy to help and hear for you along this journey! 🙏🏻


This article is general in nature and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical or health care advice. If you have medical or health care questions, please speak with a professional medical provider.

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