Yoga comes from yuj, a Sanskrit word meaning “to yoke”.  In this yoga class we will join together our body and our mind to consciously effect change.  Working in concert with the breath, the mind notices those things that support who you are right now, and lets go of those that don’t. Give yourself permission to explore (and stop holding on to) things that don’t serve you-judgements, comparisons, old hurts.  Whatever your struggles, whatever issues you have about your self-image, yoga shows you how to trust your own body and its ability to teach you what is best for you!  We then start to focus on the body from the inside out, and appreciate our body as a whole, not just in segments. 

Inhale.  Love YOU.

Exhale.  Love your body.

See you on the mat.



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This article is general in nature and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical or health care advice. If you have medical or health care questions, please speak with a professional medical provider.

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