Kids Yoga for Bedtime

Looking for a bedtime routine that helps settle your little ones after a busy day? Use this Yoga for Kids practice to help them unwind & fall into a deep nights sleep. Sweet dreams.

1. Butterfly Pose – This great hip opener will help open your child’s hips after sitting in school all day and is a great preparation for seated meditation.

2. Cat Pose – One of my favorite postures! This pose stretches the muscles in your back and neck, helps relax the mind AND helps reduce anxiety & ADHD symptoms.

3. Rabbit Pose – A relaxing posture that alleviates depression & anxiety. It stretches the back and neck muscles and calms the mind, making sleep easier.

4. Child’s Pose – Get ready to relieve stress while gently stretching the hips, back, thighs & ankles. It helps with insomnia and makes falling asleep easier.

5. Fish Pose – This posture is a great way to soften the shoulders and regain a sense of spaciousness through the chest before bed.

6. Savasana Pose – Don’t be surprised if your kids start to fall asleep during this pose! Savasana shifts into your parasympathetic nervous system, which is necessary for restorative sleep.

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