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As a cardiologist I realize how important our diet is on our cardiovascular health. Right here you will find heart-healthy recipes I have created for the whole family. Join our ABC’s of Health exclusive community to get premium content, perks, and information only available to members.

Heart Healthy Recipes

Heart Healthy Taco Pizza Recipe by Dr. Heath Wilt

Taco Pizza

Love tacos?! Love pizza?  So do we!  Why not combine two family favorites? Try our heart-healthy turkey taco pizza recipe

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Asian-style Riced Cauliflower Recipe by Heath Wilt

Asian-style Riced Cauliflower

Looking for a healthier Asian-style side dish? Try this spin on fried rice. In a non-stick pan, heat two tablespoons of sesame oil. Add 1/4 cup onion and sauté until translucent.  Add two cups (or one small bag) of cauliflower rice.  Once the rice has thawed over...

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Breakfast Egg Scramble

Ever have those leftovers you’re not exactly sure what to do with?  Never quite in the mood to rewarm, but not ready to throw out?  How about adding them to a breakfast egg scramble for a nice hearty breakfast? Here, we made a quick morning meal from leftover...

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Veggie “Noodles”

Veggie “noodles” can be an awesome and easy way to cut carbs and calories. Here is last night’s version of a simple side dish to complement some grilled mahi. These butternut squash noodles were pre-packaged without salt or added flavors. After sautéing in a bit of...

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Ginger Lime Tofu Stir Fry with Cabbage Slaw

Stir fry recipes are among the most favorites in our household due to the diversity of options and ease to cook. Sometimes, we sauté a protein of choice (this one is perfect for novice tofu users!), then sequentially add more firmer vegetables (onions or carrots,...

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