G is for Grilling – Week 3 (Part 1)

Let’s grill some pizza!

Once you start to get the hang of cooking on your grill, knowing the varying tendencies of your device (the hottest spots, time to warm up, etc.), start thinking outside of the box. Try cooking common items, like pizza, ordinary vegetables or fruit. Some veggies, like bell peppers and red onions open up fantastically with the sugars within caramelize under the heat. This adds a smoky, rich depth to some foods not appreciated by traditional cooking. Ever buy peaches that look perfectly ripe and smell “oh so wonderful” only to find that first bite underwhelming with flavor? Try slicing and grilling with brushed layer of honey or agave and pinch of smoked salt! The sugars within caramelize and soften the fruit’s flesh into something wonderful without wasting the rest of the purchase.

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