Grilling fish doesn’t need to be hard! Although salmon can be “hit or miss”, it is probably one of the easiest fish to grill due to its density and versatility. When choosing a cut of meat, buy with the skin on. This allows for more uniform cooking, and despite the appearance and uncommonness to do so, it IS edible… and if you choose not to eat, it will easily peel from the cooked meat and your pet will love it!

We are often asked about choice of salmon. Basically, there are two option: farm raised and fresh (ocean harvested). Taste, generally, will be comparable between the two. Cooking time, appearance, and color may also be virtually identical, although sometimes color can be added for appeal— although this could happen with either produced. The farm raised, because of grains being the predominant food source as the fish grows, will be higher in fat content, and as a result, higher in calories per weight. Fresh caught salmon feeds mainly on krill, plankton, and kelp, making it higher in omega 3 fatty acids (in other words, less fat but denser in the “good fats”). When comparing side by side, you may notice the fresh raised to be denser in pink to reddish colored flesh and less fat striations. This doesn’t underestimate the value of farm raised fish… it can still be an excellent choice for any diet, especially compared to counterparts like sirloin steak or less-lean options.

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