Week 3: Identify your weaknesses

Changing of behaviors that have present for years, if not decades, does not occur overnight. Like any well laid blueprint for success, understanding your own limitations can help you to avoid relapse into unhealthy choices or habits. Consider these common diet “pitfalls”:

Love bread? Consider veggie substitutes for starchy side dishes. Riced cauliflower, veggie noodles, or other lo-carb meal preparations can drastically reduce calories Late night snacker? Try finding a new substitute like one or two pieces of dark chocolate, popcorn or rice cakes, or low calorie ice-cream. Eat out too much? Try asking for a “to-go” box up front and divide the meal. Use smaller plates and don’t indulge. Make sure to incorporate “cheat days” on set schedule only.

We all inherently know our flaws and limitations for diet failures, cause for relapse and weight gain. Behavioral specialists often cite recurring stages of habit modification; at each step there is option for regrouping and returning back to success. Before starting any plan, develop a blueprint outlining all the intended goals, potential pitfalls, and make preparations before initiating a diet plan.

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