Week 2: Prepare for success

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

So many dietary pitfalls come at expense of being ill-prepared. Whether it’s taking the shortcut for a meal on the run to work, a series of “cheat days” on vacation, or failing to choose wisely at the grocery store, we all have experienced setbacks.

A successful weight loss journey can be better achieved by keeping a few of these tips in mind:

Prepare in bulk. Double or triple your nightly meals. Cooking for a family of 4? Try cooking for 8! At our house with 3 growing boys, sometimes leftovers are “left-isn’ts”, but when we have enough to store away, it easily becomes a lunch for one or two adults the following day.

Cook with consistency. Many successful plans have shown that those who eat a consistent have quicker weight loss. It may not sound exciting, but having a steady intake of certain food choices for snacks, lighter meals, or side dishes will help to keep excess calories down and portions in control.

On the go? Don’t let your fitness goals depart with your on-the-move lifestyle. Stay prepared with a list of “go-to” meals that you can easily prepare for dinner when time is short, or snacks on the fly. For example, have one or two meals you know can be prepared in a pinch, like egg white tortilla wraps, or snack size packs of pretzels or nuts or protein bars. Why spend 15 minutes driving to get carryout when you can do it at home reliably, cheaper, and for less calories.

Learn which prepared/frozen/canned items can be used to your advantage. Vegetable blends without added sauces or salt can be easily heated in the microwave and added to oven roasted chicken or other protein sources very easily. Learn to use the kitchen! If you’ve never roasted meats, tofu, or vegetables, try it! Most often, you can “set it and forget it” and get the end of day items in order while the work is being done for you. A crockpot can also be an invaluable kitchen tool. The internet can provide you hundreds of simple meal plans that can be prepared while you are at work, provided that you put some effort into the prep beforehand.

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