D for Diet : “Achieve health from diet; don’t Diet for health”.

As we continue in our progress for developing better health, it’s time to integrate our the new movement habits and integrate more healthy diet changes. In our “C for Cooking” course, we started to identify small, incremental changes with food choices that can make a big impact in weight loss, more energy, and better physical health. We want you to realized that you achieve a lifetime of health from your diet, but you shouldn’t “diet” your way to health.

Here’s the deal… fad diets and eating trends work. The problem is that most commercial diets are not sustainable, don’t provide long term benefits in reducing risk of heart disease or other ailments, and often times restrict important macro and micronutrients. This course will build upon the foundation set forth in “C for Cooking” and help you to identify strategies and tools for success through maintenance of healthy diet options and habits.

Week 1: “Calories in = calories out”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the keto diet, and likely Atkins, Miami, and Paleo. How about the Cookie, banana diet, or bread diet? Yup- they are exist. The problem with diet plans that come and go is that they are hard to sustain. Diets that restrict calories or certain foods inevitably fail. Diet concepts like DASH, Mediterranean, vegetarianism/vegan, or Weight Watchers work through a broader scope of more mindfulness, better choices, and nutrient-rich and abundant food choices.

One of the best ways to get a better idea of how you are balancing your activity and weight goals is to use a food journaling app. Some popular ones include MyFitnessPal, Noom, or MyPlate. Many allow you to either search a database for home cooked meals, popular restaurants, or packaged foods to log calories eaten. Although not 100% precise, they provide rather accurate estimations of your particular intake, and based on personal goals and desired weights, they can adjust to keep you on target. Since every BODY is different, having a firm awareness of the foods you eat with breakdown by nutrients, and total caloric daily intake, this is a MUST for making changes.

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