ABC’s of Health Member, let’s get moving with this Full Body Workout. Pop this video on and let’s get started! Goal is to use this 3x a week with me. Be sure to share your progress as I always love hearing from you.

1. Alternate Lunges 20X then add Row 20X (8-15 lbs.)
2. Plie’ Squat using Fitball with Bicep Curls 20X (8-15 lbs) repeat one more time

1. Pushups using Fitball 20X
2. Tricep Dips using Fitball 20X repeat one more time

1. Wall Squat using Fitball into Shoulder Press 20X (8-15 lbs.)
2. Hamstring Curls with Fitball 20X repeat one more time

1. Fitball Crunches 20X
2. Fitball Oblique Crunch 20X
3. Climb the Rope 20X
4. Oblique Crunches against the Wall-20X each side

Stretch – also feel free to use the following for longer deeper stretching.

Please use this workout 3 or 4 times per week. On alternate days go for a run/walk, or some YOGA with me with the variety of classes on here. Honored to motivate you to get moving a little each day & stay tuned for exciting things coming your way with ABC’s of Health!



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