Yoga Classes for Kids

Nicole Wilt, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Mom of Three Boys.

Online yoga classes for kids will increase physical activity, improve cardiorespiratory, and build strong bones. From snow days to rainy days, restricting the options for playing outside, roll out your yoga mat and select from these fun family exercises.


Hot Chocolate-Yoga Pajama Party!

Hot Chocolate-Yoga Pajama Party! Little yogi’s, who is ready to put on your pajamas, grab some hot chocolate and get ready for a YOGA PARTY?!!! The best part, we have a special guest joining us today! So get ready for lots of yoga fun, games and even a bedtime...

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Our Favorite Things, YOGA!

Our Favorite Things, YOGA! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Little yogis, hop on your yoga mat and join Colson and I for “Our Favorite Things, YOGA!”. This is one fun class you will not want to miss. Use, repeat as needed. Holiday pajamas are optional....

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I Am Thankful Yoga, for Kids

I Am Thankful Yoga, for Kids Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This year, why not start your festivities with an “I am Thankful Yoga for Kids Class”! This entire class is centered around the concept of thankfulness and gratefulness! Little yogis, hop on your...

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Yoga P.E. Class for Kids

Yoga P.E. Class for Kids Who is ready for some Yoga P.E. time! The class offers a fun set of movement, poses, and breathing to improve focus, confidence, counter screen fatigue, and decrease anxiety and stress. Great for virtual learners! Share this with a fellow...

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Superhero Kids Yoga

Superhero Kids Yoga Get your kids moving with this fun Superhero workout! And kiddos-don’t forget to dress in your favorite costume! From our home to your home, let’s yoga together! Trending...

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Yoga in the Classroom

Yoga in the Classroom Needing to pause a bit from all that studying? Yoga for the Classroom is for all ages, all moods, and everybody! Whether you are at home learning or in the classroom, join Asher & I as we guide you through a fun standing yoga sequence that...

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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids Feelings & Emotions

Yoga for Kids Feelings & Emotions We can express our feelings & emotions through our bodies by using movement + yoga + play! By naming the feelings as we do yoga poses with our children, they will become better able to recognize and name their own emotions....

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Back to School Yoga for Kids

Back to School Yoga for Kids Whether you plan to go back to school or learn from home, join Brooks & I as we teach you some A, B, C’s of YOGA! From our home to your home, let’s yoga together! Trending...

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